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Dynamic Positioning.

Dynamic Positioning is a technology that increasingly more projects and companies require in delivering and executing their services.

As a licensed senior "DP Operator, Unlimited" Wasgo Maritime BV can assist you with your DP requirements and training. Thousands of hours logged on numerous brands of DP systems and in a variety of working environments enable Wasgo Maritime BV to advise in what you are searching for in your DP requirements, and needs. It is a balance between what the job and project is, and that the DP system and DP operator can fulfil it.

Just buying and installing a DP system in itself is no guarantee for proper operations.
FMEA and acceptance trials will need to be carried out and in case of poor DP performance DP tuning together with in depth analysis of the problems encountered may be required.

With the correct research and advice, you can make the optimal choices for your unique situation. Training on board, and in simulators are a further advancement of optimal efficiency and safety of crew and ship.

Wasgo Maritime can be your partner in assisting with the development of the FMEA table top study and producing the FMEA trail program as well as provide on board training.



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