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Dynamic maritime expert experience, based on nearly 40 years of working in the Maritime industry; is the strength and core of Wasgo Maritime BV.

Vessel Assurance, a continuous changing process for which Wasgo Maritime is regularly updating its knowledge resulting in the recent accreditation as OVID inspector with DP notation and registered IMCA inspector.

Dynamic Positioning is a technology that increasingly more projects and companies require in delivering and executing their services for which Wasgo Maritime, as Senior DPO, can deliver valuable support for FMEA testing and related questions.

Simulator Training, is a valuable tool for upgrading skills and introducing new techniques on board, in a safe, controlled environment.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment standards are constantly improving and being updated including Electronic maintenance programs which are a major part of improving and maintaining the QHSE on board and within the company.

Our work Philosophy strongly safety oriented with a high sense of responsibility towards people and focussed on compliance with rules and regulations in line with the characteristics of the Wasgo as told in the Canadian West Coast legends.

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